Five basic voxel models made in MagicaVoxel
A small/short roguelike with a death loop. Die to get better swords. (Make the game shorter)
A system for controlling a player's simple sprites while moving. Plus a sword swinging system.
This is a fan game for LipSmacker made using a card game demo I made last month.
Card Game
Small prototype of a dnd inspired roguelike card game with choices, and character customization!Made with GMS2
Card Game
A small and sad game about growing up
A small vn about an SCP guard experiencing the effects of 990.
Visual Novel
My first crack at a short horror game.
Serve your sentence with a lying jailer, in this short game.
A quick and simple mining game (Please read all tips in the game before playing, as they ARE the tutorial)
A short experience. (press ("R") to restart if stuck)
Please read the description, as there is no tutorial in the game for now.
A flip on the classic space invaders where you're the alien!
The world is ending Choose what's important to you
A game inspired by the original space invaders
This is an example of a project made in gms2.3 that you can buy on the marketplace
Play in browser
A sound system that (with some programming) can decide which line to play/what action to do..